Photo Credit: Lynne Fried

Photo Credit: Lynne Fried

I am a cat-lady with many passions, all united by a common thread: pursuing a life filled with curiosity, empathy, creativity, and playfulness.  

My diverse background in arts, health, and non-profit work has shaped my understanding of the world and my role in it. I live fully in my commitments and actively seek opportunities to challenge myself. I love my cats, my people, and learning. Not necessarily in that order.

Fun(ish) Facts

  • Styrofoam and balloons have creeped me out long before I knew they were bad for the environment
  • I climbed an ash-covered volcano. In the dark. On my hands and knees. In Tanzania. On accident.
  • I saw a speech pathologist as a child. I still get tripped up sometimes but I no longer sound like a hyper-active chipmunk with cheeks full of Cheerios
  • My Grandma Tiger is my twin.

What's Happening Now...

I am in my first year of the PhD Sociology program at UCSF and will begin classes for the Palliative Care minor in January. I am a recipient of the Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship, am the Student Events board member for the Associated Students of the Graduate Division, and have joined several student groups. New dance and arts projects are in the works!


Currently enrolled: Phd Sociology, University of California San Francisco

Master of Science Columbia University in the City of New York, 2015


Bachelor of Arts Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, 2012

Dance, Sociology, Ethics



Dance Resume