How is health information created, disseminated, understood, and used?

How do we know our own body and our own "health"?

How are death and dying constructed in our health systems and in our society?

Health and medicine have always played a role in my life. From watching my mom work as a psychologist, to personal and volunteer experiences, working with those who have a chronic illness or are suddenly engaged in the healthcare system has always been a part of my life. After taking an undergraduate theology course that used different religious perspectives to facilitate an introduction to Bioethics, I knew that I would need to pursue a career that involved giving back to the community through a health, wellness, and medical perspective. Through community-based learning experiences, volunteer work, and professional experiences, I have been able to gain a unique perspective into how both patients and healthcare providers view and address health-related concerns. I earned my Master of Science degree in Bioethics from Columbia University in May 2015 and am currently pursuing a PhD in Sociology with a medical emphasis and Palliative Care minor. 

Some illness-based groups I have experience working with are: Alzheimer's Disease, Sickle Cell Disease, Cancer, Mental Illness, and Physical Disabilities. I have also studied American Sign Language and worked with Deaf and/or Hard-Of-Hearing communities.