"Her Veiled Reflections" - Joya Powell
"Her Veiled Reflections" - Joya Powell

As an apprentice for Movement of the People Dance Company, I was a part of the residency and performance of "Her Veiled Reflections" at Casita Maria. Shown here is a still from the solo I choreographed, with live musical accompaniment from Zoe Aqua and her student (not pictured). 

"Her Veiled Reflections explores the secrets women keep and carry. It investigates how secrets shape the ways women move through their lives, view themselves and each other. Experience a dynamic dialogue between movement, live singing, and anonymous contributors who have dared to share their secrets in writing. Watch women unite and empower each other across culture, class, religion, and age. Witness how secrets can be transformed from what keeps us separate into what keeps us connected." - read more at www.movementofthepeopledance.com  

Photo Credit: Emily Watson

"It's About You" - Cally Spooner
"It's About You" - Cally Spooner

I was one of the dancers featured in the film aspect of Cally Spooner's original work "It's About You." This visual art piece was screened on the High Line at West 14th for a week and culminated in a live performance featuring the film and opera singers. 

"Staged on the High Line – a unique and explicitly public space – the work considers how our over-congested information economy has shifted focus, complicating the idea of the “public” realm. Here, the demand for “real life” and ostensibly private content is projected into the public eye, driven by the same reoccurring promise: IT’S ABOUT YOU."  - from High Line Art, read more here

Written and Directed: Cally Spooner

Choreography: Adam Wienert

Dancers: Caroline Fermin, Cynthia Koppe, Jhia Louise (Jackson), Cecily McCullough, Jennifer Yackel

Opera Singers: Carla Jablonski, Matthew Morris, Adrian Rosas

Costumes: Malene List Thomsen

Videography: Pierce Jackson

Editing: Cally Spooner and Jesse Watt

Project Assistant: Finlay Forbes Gower

Photo Credit: Liz Ligon


"Precipice" - Miranda Ferriss Jones
"Precipice" - Miranda Ferriss Jones

I was one of the supporting dancers/actors for Miranda Ferriss Jones original musical "The Precipice." The production was granted a residency at Z Space in San Francisco, CA, where we developed the choreography, staging, script, set, and more.

"An original dark fairytale that tells the story of two young girls, Iris (destined to be a debutante,) and Polly (an orphaned slave) who are bonded together by the Goddess of Dreams, Lady Midnight. We watch them come of age and struggle to maintain their friendship in a society that is set on keeping them apart and in their predetermined roles. It is a story of sisterhood, magic, the many faces of oppression, the myths of fairytale, and the importance of living truly in your spirit." - read more at www.upontheprecipice.com

Choreography: Stacey Printz, Suzy Myre

"Something Leftover From The Last" - Raissa Simpson
"Something Leftover From The Last" - Raissa Simpson

As a company member for  PUSH Dance Company, I was a collaborating artist for "Something Leftover From The Last." We premiered the work as part of the Black Choreographer's Festival at Dance Brigade's Mission Theater and continued to perform the work in other SF/Bay Area locations. Created and performed in collaboration with 3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic.

"Something Leftover From The Last strives to increase awareness around the toxic cleanup of the Bayview Hunters Point District’s waterfront in relation to health risks it poses to its young residents. By actualizing a space for the youth who often remain nameless, faceless, and powerless, the project offers insight into airborne health issues such as asthma and other potentially fatal diseases through its visceral storytelling." - read more here 

 Photo Credit: Raissa Simpson

Dancers: Jhia Jackson, Elizabeth Sheets, Adriann Ramirez, Katie Wong (not pictures)