Cycles (part 2)

Peridance Student Showcase, Fall 2014 Choreo/Dancer: Jhia Jackson

Music: "You Go To My Head" by Billie Holiday ***No music rights/copyright infringement intended. This track available for purchase through iTunes

Cycles (part 2) is inspired by the work of Billie Holiday and is part of a series of musings on love. Day-to-day life may be the same, but when love comes and goes with the seasons, it makes the same things feel a little different, times moves a little different, and the focus seems to change...

As a movement artist, I approach my work in the same way I approach my life -- 100% committed, open-minded, and ready to work. Creativity, clarity, momentum..I am most myself when I am in movement. I began dancing at an early age as an extension of involvement in competitive cheerleading. I was lucky enough to spend my early years training at Dance Fusion Co. where the owner, Debbie Boyd, created an environment that fostered teamwork, creativity, hard-work, and FUN. My studio was my haven, my teacher my mentor, and my peers my family. I carry this same spirit into my own teaching experiences ( Steppin' Out Dance Studio, Dance Fusion Co., Fitness in Transit, etc.) and my choreographic works. I continued my training as a dance major at Loyola Marymount University where I also cultivated my skills as a costume designer. I have been blessed to have a very diverse career that uses all of my training - jazz, ballet, modern, contemporary, countertechnique, tap, hip-hop, cheerleading - and challenges me to continually learn new skills.