In Reflection: A Super Serious Soluet


  • Louis Acquisto for inviting me/us to perform

  • Suzy Myre for saying "yes!" even with only 2.5 rehearsals

  • Joe Landini & Safehouse for rehearsal space

  • PianoFight for the venue

  • All of my friends and family for showing up, supporting, and generally causing a ruckus

I've attended the Super Serious Post Modern Dance Variety Hour on multiple occasions since it combines a few of my favorite: people I love having a good time, a dark room where I'm not expected to socialize but can watch other people doing so, the potential for food and drink prepared by other people, and within walking distance of my bed/cat. When Louis asked if I'd like to perform my work as a choreographer and promote the August Safehouse show, I was definitely a little worried about showing a work-in-progress that I was still mulling over.

Per usual, I was stressing much more than needed as the actual show was incredibly fun to. During tech, we rehearsed only one of the two tracks - 1 Off - which featured us doing the choreo together, followed by a slow solo by me and a fast solo by Suzy. Of course, the audience selected the other track. Of the three costume options, Suzy and I were probably most excited by what the hosts described as "Risky Business" and of course, the audience overwhelmingly chose "Robinhood." The end was result was a complete test of our (Suzy and I) willingness to actually relinquish any amount of control. Yet in that loss of control, we found freedom, fun, and YASSSSSS in allowing ourselves to just make choices in the moment and appreciate each other's choices. 

Weeks later, when we finally got together to recap the experience and discuss next steps, we both appreciated how incomplete the moment felt, and how good it felt to present the work as-is given the context of the performance and where we were at in the creative process. Since the hosts explained the audience-choice concept but didn't exactly explain that we were performing the same choreography 3 times in 3 different ways, it was pleasantly surprising to hear when people noticed the repetition and when they only heard afterwards about the repetition.

Overall, the experience of performing the work and then watching the video just felt like a confirmation of the strength - physically, emotionally, re our friendship - that went into our creative process for this work. As we move forward into the extended 4-5 minute choreography, we are questioning what our relationship is to each other in this shared space, what limits (if any!) we will give ourselves, and exactly how much control we are willing to relinquish given that our next performance will take place over two nights. At the same time, we are celebrating having an opportunity to dance with each other, creating a piece to celebrate each other's Queen-ness, and simply having the space and opportunity to generate movement that makes us feel good. Since the August show will also include an actual duet, performed by Lydia Clinton and Allegra Bautista, I am also wondering how the process and outcome will differ working with dancers whom I admire but do not have a decade of inside jokes and sweaty dance moves with. 

In case you missed it, or would like to leave us your thoughts, here is out Super Serious performance: